Investing to Achieve your Goals

Ever gone to a seminar or read a book that claimed it was going to “teach you how to invest and make millions?” Unfortunately, with most of these ”programs”, folks can’t really make the investment technique work where they live (California doesn’t work like Florida). Or they don’t have the time or money the program requires, or they discover there was a lot of vital information missing. These programs end up seeming a sham and a scam.

Typically, after the money is spent on the “advice”, the investor is still at ground zero not knowing where to start, what else is needed, or if the program really will work as claimed – and may end up losing even more money experimenting or chasing other “programs”.

Almost anyone can be snagged by an opportunity that looks very good because the “catches” have not been fully revealed. It takes a very experienced investor to figure out those missing pieces. Don’t hesitate to ask for our “second opinion” about any “opportunity” you may be considering. We could possibly save you a bundle.

Investing correctly in real estate doesn’t have to be a mystery. However, “getting rich quick” is a lot less likely than “getting well-off slowly”. It is highly likely that a solid plan worked smartly in a solid way will pay off handsome dividends over time. The tougher parts for investors to do without guidance are 1) developing the plan, and 2) working the plan without a good team that supports every phase of the plan every step of the way.

Investing in real estate is a very personal adventure, guided by the investor’s age, involvement level, resources and geographic location. Each of these criteria will greatly impact how and what real estate should be used to achieve the plan’s goals.

For example, it’s not hard to imagine “young bucks” being more eager to rehab the house while living in it, while the retiree prefers to live debt free with passive income. As you can imagine, your needs, abilities, resources and desires will change over the years.

If you would like help developing your plan, and a good team to support your plan every step of the way, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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