crop16CJ Holmes:  The Most Trusted Name in Real Estate

CJ Holmes recently retired after 17 years as an independent California real estate agent and broker.  She was a premier realtor located in Santa Rosa and primarily served SonomaMarinSolanoNapa, LakeContra Costa, and Mendocino counties in Northern California.  She is now located in the Hagerman Valley, Idaho area.

Need advice you can trust?  Whether they were a first time home buyer, a long time investor, or wondering about their retirement options, her clients were pleased with the honest, thoughtful and experienced consultation they received.  Many of her clients were agents and brokers that recognized and appreciated the value of her guidance.  

Please don’t hesitate to discuss your next transaction with her.  It is possible she could oversee that transaction for you, anywhere in the world, at no cost to you.

During the last four years, CJ has dedicated a significant portion of her time helping owners fight Bank Fraud-closure.  These efforts included traveling throughout California giving seminars on the topic, daily live-streaming with videos uploaded to Youtube, a full-fledged website, Home Owners For Justice, a recently started website Attorneys For Justice, plus occasional tweeting and email alerts to over 1500 followers.


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