Is there a “Secret Weapon” for Credit Repair??

Is There a “Secret Weapon” for Credit Repair? The Answer Is a Definite YES!

There’s a “secret weapon” for credit repair that credit reporting agencies don’t want you to know about! You can learn all about it right here, right now.

Have you got some negative items on your credit report that are preventing you from getting a mortgage? Maybe you’ve been told “There’s nothing that can be done about those negative items.”

Well, that’s true as far as it goes…which isn’t very far or very helpful, is it? What the bank was really telling you is that there was nothing they could do.

But there is definitely something that you can do, and that’s using the ammunition provided by this secret weapon: The only negative information that can remain on your credit report is what the big credit bureaus CAN PROVE TO BE ACCURATE!

In other words, the credit reporting bureaus have to prove that all items are, in fact, accurate, or they have to come off your report!

And here’s some more great news for you!! The burden of proof falls on the credit reporting companies, not on you. So, you don’t have to prove them to be wrong; they have to prove they’re right!

That means they have to call all the people who said you have late payments or bad debts and prove that they were late. If they can’t get in touch with them to prove it, then off those negative items come!

The trick is to have the right letters when it comes time to challenge the credit bureaus, and trust me, the letters we use work!

Look, there’s no reason for you and your family or your friends to be held hostage by the credit bureaus. Remember: they are not a government agency. They’re simply big “for profit” companies that you didn’t choose to become a client of.

So, you do have options for removing those negative items from your credit report. And, they can help you finally get the financing you need to help you and your family.

Above all, don’t believe the half-truths you’re heard above removal of negative credit report items. They definitely can be removed, and I’ve never seen our solution not work!

If this message doesn’t apply to you, please keep it in mind when talking with your friends!

But, whether it’s you or your friends, contact us today. Your information is confidential, and me and my team of partners will work closely with you to provide a solution to this problem.

Why wait when you can get rid of nagging stress quickly and get the financing you need? Contact us now.